Below is a list of sign types that we produce at Summit Signs. Click on the sign type to view a sample of each sign type.

Awning Sign: A building mounted sign that provides additional functionality as shelter.

Banner: A sign composed of lightweight material. Promotional banners include those used to announce open houses and grand openings, make special announcements, or communicate events. Ornamental banners use images or colors of a decorative nature.

Bench Sign: A sign located on the seat or back of a bench or seat placed on or adjacent to a public right-of-way.

Cabinet Sign: A sign structure consisting of the frame and face(s), not including the internal components, embellishments or support structure.

Channel Letter: Fabricated or formed three-dimensional letter that may accommodate a light source.

Directional Sign: Signs designed to provide direction to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Directory Sign: A sign that identifies the names and locations of tenants in a multi-tenant building or in a development made up of a group of buildings.

Message Center: An electronically or mechanically variable message sign enabling changes to be made from locations other than at the sign.

Monument Sign (also called Entrance Sign): A ground sign with low overall height.

Neon Sign: A sign manufactured utilizing neon tubing, which is visible to the viewer.

Pan Face: A plastic sign face molded into a three dimensional shape. Also called molded face, molded and embossed face, molded and debossed face.

Post and Panel Sign: An unlighted sign fabricated by using one or more visible posts to support the sign body.

Projecting Sign: A building mounted sign with the faces of the sign perpendicular to the building fascia.

Pylon Sign: A freestanding sign with visible support structure or with the support structure enclosed with a pole cover.

Raceway: An electrical enclosure that may also serve as a mounting structure for the sign.

Temporary Sign: Any sign not intended for permanent installation, such as banners and signs at construction sites. They may be incidental or miscellaneous in nature, such as political and real estate signs.

Vehicle Signage: Graphics attached to a vehicle.

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