LED Displays: Good for business!

What is an LED?
Light emitting diodes (LED) are special diodes that emit light when illuminated by the movement of electrons in the semi-conductor chips.

Why buy an LED message center?
An LED message center will change the way you think about advertising your business. Unlike television, radio or newspaper advertising, you can vary your LED message center content instantaneously, keeping your advertising fresh and taking immediate advantage of changes in inventory, weather – any situation that changes buying patterns. LED message centers target your message to more viewers for less cost than other standard media, capturing your audience with light, motion and color. Your LED message center will become a visual landmark and a reflection of your business.

A business without an LED sign.

A business with an LED sign.

Advantages of LED lighting
LED technology is quickly becoming tomorrow's primary light source and have several advantages over conventional light sources:
  • LEDs for sign illumination are rated for continual use for up to 100,000 hours.
  • LEDs radiate a "cold light", meaning they generate very little heat compared with other lighting technologies. This also means less wasted energy.
  • LEDs are energy efficient meaning they consume less energy to produce brighter illuminated displays that creates much greater readability and flexibility of use than traditional signs and billboards,
  • LEDs are manufactured in a full range of colors and with appropriate mixing schemes can generate billions of colors.
  • LEDs are continually declining in price, making LED displays extremely affordable.
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